Insulated wooden block, floor: the span of self-build elements

What is the span of our wooden elements?

The total bearing capacity of a wood-frame structure built with Gablok has values equal to that of a traditional house.

Support of insulated wood block walls

For the compressive strength of an insulated wood block wall made of Gablok, we are talking about a strength of 150 kN/m.

Wood frame lintels, beams and floor elements

The lintels correspond to the élute;ments for closures above doors and châssis.

Our longest lintels have a length of 240 cm. As for the beams, they have a very large span and are suitable for self-build projects, whether it is an addition, an extension or a house.

The lintels have a length of 240 cm.

The élents of floor have a maximum span of 4 m 80. However, it is possible to increase this span by interposing a beam.

At the level of the payload, the flooréments allow a load of 250 kg/m².

→ Cover more about the wooden élents that make up our self-build kits.

Resilient, level wood construction with Gablok?

Gablok wood blocks have been designed for a Rez+1 wood-frame building. However, it is possible to imagine a Rez+2 construction.

The wood blocks have réussi all the tests of studies in stabilité. The blocks are therefore reliable and can support heavy loads, in the same way as a traditionally built house, as we told you earlier.

The entire construction wood frame insulated is fixed to rails, wooden planks, on the side.

Once the rails are placed level, then the rest of the construction will also be level, it will be perfectly vertical. Our wood blocks are designed to fit together perfectly, without a hitch.

The sizing of a Gablok construction has a 0.5 mm tolerance.

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