About us

The history of Gablok

Stacking blocks: child’s play

Gablok is an idea born out of a love for the interlocking building block toys of our childhood. Founder Gabriel Lakatos worked in traditional construction for over 25 years before filing the Gablok patent in 2018.

Gablok was founded in Belgium in 2019 with a single objective: to enable anyone to build their own construction project.

Gablok is now targeting self-builders with a construction method that is revolutionising the building world.

This involves a flat-pack timber house system inspired directly by the famous interlocking building block toys we all know. The concept involves stacking insulated wooden blocks on top of each other to build the structure of a house. All this without the need for drying time, glue, or construction knowledge.

A daring project that has already enabled many enthusiasts to embark on the construction project they had in mind!

Our mission

Use technical innovations to build sustainable structures within the reach of as many of the world's citizens as possible.

Our values



Respectful of the environment and people



Breaking construction codes to optimize the process



Modern solutions combining ease and speed of implementation with resource savings



The Gablok concept was born from the spirit of a passionate man, and this passion lives on in our employees.

A complete construction system

Gablok provides a technical solution that's adapted to natural resources and the needs of modern construction, fast and innovative.

Modeling allows all architectural projects to be adapted, and other elements of the future construction (roof, doors, windows, etc.) to be anticipated, compared with other traditional systems.

Gablok delivers a complete kit with all the materials needed to construct your building.

No construction waste, no delays, no contingencies, no modifications.

All these elements make the Gablok construction system very quick to build: 100m2 can be built in 5-6 days.

A complete construction system - image 1

The Gablok team converts your architect's plans according to his kit. This gives you a clear, precise plan to help you build your project.

We'll guide you through the creation of the foundation slab and the laying of the first series of wooden blocks.

Then it's up to you!

You don't need any big tools to get started on a Gablok project.

A screwdriver, a ladder and, of course, your arms are all you need to build the entire insulated structure.

Whether you're building a house, workshop, garage, garden shed or outbuilding, building it yourself is child's play!

A complete construction system - image 1

In practice



Receipt and analysis of your plans



Adaptation and 3D modeling of your plans in Gablok.



Delivery of all necessary building components



Assembling the Gablok structure


Our advantages


Gablok offers prefabricated blocks that can be installed quickly and easily by self-builders or Gablok-certified fitters. This is a real time-saver compared with a traditional building site.

Socially responsible

A small team is all it takes to assemble a Gablok house. Thanks to the lightness of the blocks (C600 = 8kg), the installation process offers better working conditions in terms of physical effort and safety.


Gablok uses materials and techniques that reduce the carbon footprint of your projects without water, sand or cement. We promote circular construction with reusable and recyclable blocks. The EPS we use is 98% air and 2% matter. Being inert and stable over time, it has no negative impact on the environment.

Thermal efficiency

The combination of EPS and OSB gives buildings a high-performance insulation system. Thanks to a fully insulated structure with a thermal conductivity of 0.15 w/m²k, Gablok guarantees low energy consumption and, consequently, excellent EPB.


Gablok adapts to all building projects, providing blocks designed to anticipate the details of each construction site and prevent material wastage. The Gablok building system meets your needs in terms of surface area and type of finish.


Gablok is committed to offering innovative, sustainable solutions that address the environmental and social issues we face today. Consistently, Gablok aims to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations in the years to come.

Off-site manufacturing

Gablok is committed to offering innovative, sustainable solutions that address the environmental and social issues we face today. Consistently, Gablok aims to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations in the years to come.

Gablok, a solution for your industry

The Gablok system is designed to meet all the needs of the construction market.

A private individual

Gablok helps make your real estate dreams come true by offering solutions tailored to your needs and qualified technical support.

Public administration

Thanks to Gablok's fast, reliable construction method, you can optimize your large-scale infrastructure projects while reducing your environmental impact.

A real estate developer

With Gablok, you'll accelerate the execution of your real estate development projects for a faster return on investment.

A construction company

As a preferred partner for contractors, Gablok enables you to expand your network and develop your growth potential in your country. You too can become a reference in the local sector with an easy-to-deploy construction solution.

An architect

By providing all the necessary technical tools, Gablok supports architects in the conceptualization of their projects.