Self-build kit house in Xhendelesse - Gablok

Building a single-family home

in Xhendelesse

Autoconstruction d'une maison en kit Gablok à Xhendelesse

This single-family home was built in 7 days with a team of 3 people.

The surface area is 2 x 100m².

We can't wait to see the house once the exterior and interior finishes are complete!

Did you know?

The Gablok self-build kit consists of 8 main elements!

Our team has designed the perfect self-build kit. Comprising 8 different elements, it allows you to proceed with the self-build of your project with everything you need at your disposal:

  • Insulated starting blocks
  • Starter and top rails
  • General insulated wall blocks
  • Insulated belt blocks
  • Beams
  • Partitions
  • Connecting elements: rafters
  • Floor elements

But that's not all! Gablok also supplies you with the screws and plan you need to start your framing!

Our last realizations of house in kit of insulated blocks.

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