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Self-build four-sided kit house in Jalhay

in Jalhay

Autoconstruction d'une maison en kit unifamiliale 4 façades à Jalhay

This single-family, four-façade kit home has been successfully completed in the Jalhay region of the Province of Liège! With a total surface area of 2 x 123 m², the project was completed in just a few months!

The Gablok system made it possible to build this kit house in the best possible conditions, with a perfectly solid structure, while limiting waste on the building site!

Did you know?

Your self-build kit home project comes with a complete set of instructions!

In addition to providing you with a complete set of plans for your self-build project, we also supply you with a step-by-step assembly plan , so that you can build your home safely, every step of the way! With Gablok, you can build your own home as simply and playfully as a child!

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