First self-build site in the Netherlands - Self-build Gablok

First self-build site in the Netherlands

Self-building a house in Vaals by Baudeinhaus

Autoconstruction d'une maison ossature bois à Vaals

Our German partner Baudeinhaus has made our customers’ dreams come true by helping them build their own dream house.

This involved house plans adapted to the Gablok construction method, the delivery of plans and insulated wooden blocks on site, and a fabulous, motivated, and professional team.

Gablok has recently joined forces with Baudeinhaus, a partner in Germany.

Our concept is now being exported so that you can benefit from Gablok quality while still using locally sourced materials.

This self-build timber-frame project was developed in Vaals, in the Netherlands.

A personalised project

A tailor-made site

First self-build site in the Netherlands

Each site is examined individually.

In practice, we take the project and your architect’s plans and translate them into our construction method.

The special thing is that, thanks to the Gablok stacking block system, you know the dimensions of your building in advance, as well as the dimensions of the openings and the positioning of other technical elements.

So you can make contact with various tradespeople to ensure the rapid completion of your project.

First self-build site in the Netherlands

Gablok self-build allows you to design an ecological project.

Indeed, the exact number of blocks for the structure of your future building are delivered to your site.

As with this project in Vaals, our self-builders received a pallet with their flat-pack house and the building plan. This delivery allowed them to assemble their self-build timber-frame structure in no time!

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Were you impressed with this self-build project in the Netherlands and would you like to build your own house or extension?

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