Build your own house in less than a week with Gablok!

Build your own house in less than a week with Gablok!

Build your own house in less than a week with Gablok!

Building a house is a major life project for many people and households. Yet the idea of seeing this dream come true within a reasonable timeframe may seem unreal, especially when you consider the time required to build a traditional house. In fact, for a single-storey home, the process can take up to a full year, encompassing multiple and often complex stages such as the coordination of trades and the inevitable disruptions!

However, innovation in the construction industry today offers revolutionary alternatives, such as the Gablok system. The Gablok system promises not only to drastically reduce the time needed to build the shell to just a few days, but also to simplify the process, making house-building accessible to all, including those who wish to make a personal commitment to their project!

What is the Gablok self-build concept?

Gablok is an innovative building system based on the use of interlocking insulating blocks. Inspired by building games, this system enables you to assemble the walls of a house in just a few days. The blocks, all identical in size, make it easy to plan and order the necessary materials, such as frames and other finishing elements.

Three advantages of building your own home with Gablok

1. Rapid construction

With Gablok, the shell of a house can be completed in around 5 days, depending on whether you're building alone or with help. This is revolutionary compared with traditional construction, which usually takes several months. So it's perfectly conceivable to see your project completely finished in 3 months (including finishing touches), whereas it can take almost a year by conventional means.

2. Simplicity and predictability

The Gablok system eliminates surprises. The uniform dimensions of the blocks mean that you know in advance the areas required for frames and finishing touches. This means you can order these elements well in advance of completion of the shell, speeding up the overall process.

3. Ease of finishing work

Once the shell has been completed, all that's left to do is to start the finishing work and install the various technical equipment. The work of the various trades is also simplified, since it is no longer necessary to wait for the masonry work to be completed before taking the final measurements.

Would you like to find out more about the complete benefits of the Gablok system, such as eco-responsibility and thermal efficiency? Discover our complete page on the advantages of the Gablok system!

Our mission? To make building your home accessible

The Gablok System makes home building accessible to a wider public. Men and women, do-it-yourself experts and novices alike, can embark on the project with confidence, guided not only by the simplicity and efficiency of the system, but also by our clear and precise assembly plan. As well as seeing your project grow as you work on it, you'll also have the inexhaustible satisfaction of having built your house or extension with your own hands.

Building a house yourself in less than a week is now a reality, thanks to Gablok. This innovative system not only transforms the way houses are built, it also opens the door to those who dream of actively participating in the construction of their own home. With Gablok, the road to your dream home is not only shorter, it's simpler and more satisfying.

Feel free to explore the Gablok system further and discuss your project with our team.

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