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What materials make up a Gablok self-build block?

Insulated wooden blocks used for self-build projects are composed of OSB as wooden component and EPS as insulation component.

OSB: insulated wooden blocks

OSB is a type of wood composed of wooden slats and natural resin. It does not contain formaldehyde.

The wooden chips and slats are compressed to form a 18 mm thick OSB panel.

One of the most striking features of OSB is its stability. OSB panels used are classes 3 and 4. The wood used in this process no longer works. The timber frame construction will therefore not work over time.

EPS: insulator in wooden blocks

EPS stands for expanded polystyrene. The polystyrene beads are placed in an oven. They increase their size and volume by 40 times into contact with heat.

The obtained product is then poured into moulds before being compressed to form EPS.

The insulation is composed of 2 % material and 98 % air. EPS offers hyper energy efficient insulation.

The association of wood and EPS gives the self-build blocks a perfect insulation.