Flat-pack timber house: contents of the Gablok self-build flat-pack kit

What does the Gablok self-build flat-pack timber house kit include?

Gablok flat-pack timber house

The self-build flat-pack kit for timber-frame houses provided by Gablok includes all the insulated structural components for your timber frame.

Gablok allows you to build the interior load-bearing walls and the exterior structure of your home.

For the structure, the self-build insulated wooden blocks are delivered to your site on pallets. This saves you the waste associated with on-site processing. The construction is done quickly and your environment remains clean during the entire self-build process.

When the structure of your timber-frame house is finished, all that is left to do is complete the roofing and general finishing (finishing, installing technical elements, etc.).

Self-build with Gablok does not require any drying time. You assemble and fasten the blocks quickly and easily. Everything is explained in the plan provided with the blocks. The Gablok team will nevertheless provide technical support throughout the entire self-build process.

An intuitive but planned construction technique.

The dimensions of the openings (doors, windows, etc.) are established in advance, upon receipt of the planning permission. You can therefore order the necessary components to be installed directly after the construction of the shell.

This will save you time on construction. It takes about 3 months to self-build a Gablok house, compared to over a year for a traditional house.

Gablok flat-pack timber houses are a revolution in the field of self-building.

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