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What does Gablok wooden house self-build kit include?

Wooden house kit

The self-build kit for timber frame houses proposed by Gablok includes all the insulated elements of the shell.

Gablok allows you to build the loadbearing interior walls and the exterior structure of your home.

Insulated wooden blocks used for your self build project are delivered to your building site on bonded pallets. This saves you the waste associated with on-site processing. Building is done quickly and your environment remains clean during the entire self-build process.

When the timber frame shell of your house is completed all you have is the finishing of the entire roofing system and general finishing works (finishes, special facilities, and so on).

Self-build using Gablok elements does not require drying time. With Gablok, the assembly of blocks becomes a simple and quick process. The entire building process is explained on a plan supplied together with the blocks. Gablok team will still provide you with technical support throughout the entire self-build process.

An intuitive but planned construction technique.

The dimensions of the openings (doors, windows and others) are established in advance, as soon as the building permit is received. Therefore, you can order the required equipment that will be installed directly after the construction of the shell.

Discover the different insulated blocks that will make up your self-build timber frame.

Insulated starter block

Bloc de bois isolé - Construire sa maison soi même avec Gablok

Insulated standard block

Bloc de bois pour autoconstruction

Insulated belt block

Bloc de bois isolé - Gablok

Embossed top rail

Lisse supérieure gaufrée - Construction bois Belgique