Timber-frame self-building and technical elements

How do the different technical elements fit into a Gablok building?

Structural work and self-building techniques

Have you decided to take the plunge and build your own timber-frame house?

Gablok insulated wooden blocks fit together to form the load-bearing walls and structure of the house, but some more technical questions may come to mind.

These include installing electricity, an alarm system, and plumbing in your timber-frame self-build.

Don’t worry, Gablok has got it covered.

The distance between two battens that hold the insulated wooden blocks together is ± 40 cm. This distance allows you to easily install the various technical connections necessary for the proper functioning of your daily life.

Then simply close off the technical ducts with finishing plates such as Gyproc panels.

The floor components are also provided with a 10 cm space for supplying various pipes, plumbing, and electrical cables.

Structural plans known in advance

Self-building with Gablok insulated wooden blocks is fast.

Your architect’s plans are adapted on the basis of our construction method.

This gives you a plan to assemble your insulated wooden blocks and build the structure of your house in the best possible way.

Thanks to the plan, you will know the dimensions of all the parts of your self-build structure in advance. This allows you to contact the various tradespeople who will take care of the technical elements and finishing touches beforehand.

This saves you time and allows you to choose your window frames and other electrical systems in advance without any hassle, so that everything will run smoothly afterwards.
In practice, a Gablok self-build consists of insulated wooden blocks of 3 different lengths: 30 cm, 60 cm, and 90 cm.

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