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How do different techniques find their place in a Gablok construction?

Structural work and self-build techniques

Have you decided to cross the threshold and build your own timber frame house?

If Gablok insulated wooden blocks fit into each other to form the load-bearing walls of the house, you may need some advice concerning more technical issues.

Some issues include electricity, alarm and plumbing.

Don’t worry, Gablok has foreseen everything.

The distance between two rafters that hold the insulated wooden blocks together is referred as a “technical duct” and it is +- 40 cm. This distance allows you to easily install the various technical connections required for the smooth running of your house.

ll that is left for you to do is to close the technical ducts using finishing panels such as Gyproc panels.

The floor elements are also provided with a 10 cm space allowing the passage of your water piping system, sanitary facilities and electrical wiring.