Are Gablok insulated wooden blocks insulating formwork blocks?

Gablok blocks: insulating formwork blocks?

Gablok block and formwork block

The shape of Gablok self-build blocks is directly inspired by insulating formwork blocks. This is because both types of building blocks make up the formwork (structure) of the house.

While both types of insulating blocks provide insulation, stability, verticality, waterproofing, and a meticulous finish without the need for large tools, Gablok self-build blocks are not designed like traditional insulating formwork blocks.

Insulated wooden blocks, suitable for self-building

The main difference between Gablok insulated wooden blocks and site formwork blocks is their composition.

The structure of formwork blocks is made of concrete in most cases. Once assembled to form the walls of the building, cement is poured inside to stabilise the blocks. In the case of insulating formwork blocks made with expanded polystyrene, cement is also poured inside the blocks when they are put in place. Steel bars can be added to strengthen the structure.

As far as the Gablok concept is concerned, the structure of our insulated blocks is made of OSB wood (a stable wood that does not expand or contract any further). The insulation is integrated directly into the wooden block so that no chemicals are added inside. The insulation is EPS expanded polystyrene.

This insulation combined with wood provides optimal thermal insulation while preserving the environment: EPS is in the form of beads that expand when they come into contact with heat. It is a lightweight material that saves on resources and is therefore easily transportable.

In contrast to insulating formwork blocks, the special feature of Gablok insulated wooden blocks is that they weigh no more than 9 kg. This light weight makes them ideal for self-building your project!

In practice, you receive pallets on site containing the exact number of blocks required for your project.

All that remains is to follow the plan provided, assemble the wooden blocks like interlocking building block toys, and fasten everything in place with the battens provided for this purpose. The result? The shell of your home is completed in less than a week.

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