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Insulating self-build block and environment

Impact of Gablok self-build structure

In addition to providing high-performance insulated wooden blocks for self-build projects, the Gablok concept is perfectly in tune with today’s concerns.

Gablok has been designed and studied to have a less negative impact on environment.

The insulated wooden blocks are designed in Belgium with recyclable materials. Gablok works with local companies: X-PACK in Verviers and l’atelier Les Gaillettes in Battice.

The wood to make our self-build blocks is OSB. This wood product consist of compressed wood slats, which makes it 100 % recyclable.

Our blocks include EPS (expanded polystyrene) for insulation. EPS is a material that requires little energy for its manufacturing and little water, since it takes up 40 times its size in contact with heat alone, while retaining formidable insulating capacities. It is a 100 % recyclable material.

Thanks to it expansion capability, EPS is easily transportable.

In order to keep a clean environment even on the building site, the self-construction blocks are delivered to you on bonded pallets with the necessary equipment to place your possible waste.

The blocks fit together without the need to use a toxic joint.

You will get the number of blocks necessary for your project after a self-build plan is completed.