Flat-pack timber house: Gablok self-building and the environment

Gablok and environment

Impact of the Gablok self-build structure

In addition to providing high-performance insulated wooden blocks for self-building, the Gablok concept is perfectly in tune with current concerns.

Gablok has been designed and developed as far as possible to avoid any disturbances and negative impact on the environment.

The insulated wooden blocks are made in Belgium from recyclable materials. Gablok works with local companies: X-PACK in Verviers and Les Gaillettes workshop in Battice.

The wood used for our self-build blocks is OSB wood. It contains compressed wood strands, making it 100% recyclable.

The insulation is EPS (expanded polystyrene). A material that requires little energy or water to manufacture as it expands to 40 times its size on contact with heat while retaining its formidable insulating capacity. It is also 100% recyclable.

Its ability to expand means that the EPS does not undergo much transport.

In order to keep the environment clean even on the construction site, the self-build blocks are delivered on pallets with space for any waste.

The blocks fit together without a toxic jointing system.

Moreover, as the self-build plan is established beforehand, you have the number of blocks necessary for your project.

Insulated wooden blocks and local sources

In short, the insulated wooden blocks used for self-building are designed and manufactured in Belgium, so they come from local sources.

The Gablok team is committed to designing quality products from local and fair trade sources.

Please contact us if you would like more information about our environmental work.

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