Insulated wooden block: energy performance, EPB

Energy performance, thermal insulation, EPB, and Gablok insulated wooden blocks

Energy performance of insulating blocks

The EPB is examined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the site. The energy performance of buildings (EPB) is calculated according to a number of specific criteria, the value of which differs according to the type of dwelling. These criteria correspond to the dwelling’s defining characteristics.

For example: the different types of insulation used (roof, external walls, internal walls, etc.), the type of window frames and surface, the orientation of the house, and the heating system proposed.

With Gablok self-building, as with any other construction, it is impossible to give a precise EPB value without knowing the other data (heating system, ventilation system, degree of insulation of the window frames, etc.).

We can nevertheless specify that the thermal conductivity (“U” value) of a wall built with Gablok is 0.15 w/m²k. Our insulated wooden blocks are suitable for 2021 EPB values.

Today, the thermal conductivity required by the EPB for a wall is U = 0.24 w/m²k.

The thermal conductivity of a passive house wall is U = 0.10 w/m²k.

Note that it is always possible to increase the insulating value of our Gablok walls by applying additional external insulation.

Gablok wooden blocks: insulated blocks

Our wooden blocks are made from a combination of two materials to insulate the building.

The insulating blocks are made of OSB wood and EPS insulation, expanded polystyrene.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about the performance of Gablok insulated wooden blocks.

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