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Home » FAQ » Does the assembly of wooden blocks remain stable for a storey house self-build project ?

Does my self-build storey house remain stable with wooden blocks?

The Gablok self-build system of timber frame was designed for the building of one-storey house.

However, it is possible to consider the building of a two-storey house depending on the stability study to be carried out.

If the starter is correctly level, the assembly of insulated wooden blocks will therefore be perfectly vertical up to the first floor.

The calibration of our self-build blocks has a tolerance of 0.5 mm. Up to now, no correction has been made to our projects.

How is the self-build structure fixed to the floor?

The wooden structure of the self-build house is fixed to the floor with anti-wrench angle plates. The concrete slab is built as for a traditional house.

What about the quality of the wood used for insulating blocks?

The wood used for Gablok’s building elements is 18 mm thick OSB: a blend of natural resin and wood slats (chips). What makes OSB special is the fact that wood used for its manufacturing is highly compressed. It remains stable over time since it no longer works.

Your home will therefore remain level with Gablok.