Flat-pack timber house: process for self-building

Does Gablok provide the process for self-builders?

Would you like to start building your own timber-frame house in Belgium?

Gablok supplies you with pre-insulated wooden blocks for the structure of your home.

Build your own house with Gablok self-building materials.

After drawing up the plans for your self-build, we will provide you with the assembly plan to follow in order to complete your project.

We provide you with technical assistance for the duration of your self-build, if necessary.

How a self-build with Gablok works

Would you like to start building your own home with Gablok insulated wooden blocks?

A thousand and one questions may come to mind.

The construction process with Gablok works as follows:

You submit the plans for your future home (plans drawn up by an architect beforehand).

We adapt these plans to the dimensions of our insulated wooden blocks and provide you with a quote.

Once the plan has been validated, we manufacture the wooden blocks necessary for your building.

You will then receive a pallet on your site. This pallet contains only the number of blocks needed for the construction of your home in order to keep waste to a minimum. The pallet is accompanied by the assembly plan for your self-build.

Then it’s up to you!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We also suggest that you submit your plans to us in order to provide you with an accurate quote for the structure of your self-build.

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