Can self-build blocks be used to build any size house?

The Gablok self-build system has been designed for the shells of most structures.

Our insulated wooden blocks are designed to form the main structure of a building. Many different surface areas are possible with Gablok.

In drawing up your plans, we try to conform as closely as possible to your needs so that your self-build is just as you want it, but still easy to build.

We can also adapt the construction to the type of finish that you’d like.

The dimensions of the finishes of a flat-pack timber house

Do you dream of wide openings in your living room? Do you want to install 2 m long window frames?

The wooden blocks are available in multiples of 30 cm, so the total length would be 2.10 m. Insulated wooden cuttings will be placed over 5 cm either side of the window to achieve the desired 2 m.

All of these options would be requested in advance so that you only get what you need on site, without any unnecessary waste.

If you have decided to build your own house with Gablok, you can contact the various tradespeople for the finishing touches as soon as you receive your planning permission.

Planning all the technical aspects in advance will save you a lot of time! For example, you will save between 5 and 8 weeks with ordering your exterior joinery.

Building a storey of insulated wooden blocks

The Gablok system has now been designed for self-builds with a ground floor and first floor. Nevertheless, we can easily envisage a building with a first and second floor, following the stability study to be carried out.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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