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Can self-build blocks be used to build any size of house?

Gablok self-build system has been studied for almost any cases relating to structural work.

Our insulated wooden blocks are designed to build up the shell of a construction. Gablok offers the possibility to build on any surface area.

When drawing up your plans, we try to closely fit your needs so that your self-build project remains faithful to your wish, while staying simple to carry out.

As far as the finishes are concerned, we can also adapt the construction according to the type of coating you want.

Dimensions of the finishes of a wooden kit house

Do you want to install 2 m long window frames? Wooden blocks are presented in multiples of 30 cm, therefore the total planned length will be 2.10 m. Insulated wood cut-outs will be placed at 5 cm on both side of the window to obtain the desired 2 m.

All these options will be requested in advance so that you will only find what you need on your building site, therefore avoiding superfluous waste. If you want to build your house yourself with Gablok, you can contact the different trades for the finishing touches as soon as you get your building permit.

By anticipating all the technical aspects you will save a lot of time! As an example, you will save between six and eight weeks when ordering your exterior joinery.

The construction of a floor with insulated wooden blocks

Gablok system was updated to meet the requirements of two storey house projects. We can still consider the possibility of the building of a three storey house after stability study.