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Home » FAQ » Can I use Gablok wooden blocks for my house renovation?

Can I use insulated wooden blocks for my house renovation?

The insulated wooden blocks have been designed to meet the requirements of a self-build project.

Gablok OSB wood blocks fit together to form the structure of the future house.

Thanks to the lightness and ease of use of Gablok wooden house kit, building your own house in Belgium can be done quickly and in anticipation.

The self-build project can be done in anticipation because all measures and finishes are planned in advance. Your individual wooden blocks are delivered to you on a bonded pallet. These earlier stages are time-savers, which is very important in construction field.

Planning your self-build project in depth also allows you to have no waste on the building site.

What about renovation with insulated formwork blocks?

Gablok system can be perfectly integrated for the construction of your extensions. A simple sketch will allow us to check its feasibility and give you a personalized quotation.