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Self-build timber frame - FAQ

We answer your questions about self-build

Would you like to build your own house quickly with a quality wooden structure? This is what Gablok concept is all about.

According to your needs and desires, Gablok comes up with a customized plan and then provides you with everything you need to build your timber frame yourself.

“What type of insulation do Gablok insulated wooden blocks use?”
“How do Gablok insulated blocks hold together?”

New concepts often raise a lot of questions, this is why Gablok team has listed for you the most frequently asked questions about our insulated blocks used for self-build.

Would you like to build your house yourself and learn more about our products? We will answer your questions!

Do you have a question that is not in our FAQ? Let us know!

Gablok helps you with the self-build project of your house in Belgium.