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Structure et gros oeuvre ossature bois en Belgique - Gablok Floor elements Day 3&4 Finalization of the ground floor Day 2 Finalization of floors start of 1st floor Day 5 Finalization of the 1st floor Day 6 Laying the first blocks Day 1

Bloc en bois pour construction et autoconstruction -


Founded in 2019, Gablok sells a revolutionary construction method using insulated wooden frame. In 2018, Gabriel Lakatos has patented a wooden home kit with the objective of simplifying construction and offering a simple and efficient way to build a house by yourself.

In his early childhood, Gabriel was a fan of interlocking and construction games. He worked in the field of traditional construction for 25 years and developed an insulated wooden stacking block.

After many months of research and testing, the home self-construction system was validated by engineering offices specialized in structural analysis, energy efficiency and acoustic performance.

Build your own house with Gablok

What make the Gablok concept is its insulated blocks, a customized floor system as well as insulated beams and lintels that will allow you to build the exterior and interior walls of your wooden house (self-construction structure). These items (detailed below) are required to assemble the shell of the isolated frame of your future construction. These are delivered directly to you on construction site with your installation plan.

This process makes it possible, among other things, to avoid the excess waste associated with on-site processing.

After assembling the insulated formworks, all you have left is the construction of the roof (framework + roofing) and the exterior finishing of your home with the finish of your choice (plasters, bricks, cladding, etc).
Inside your self-construction, you will start with the execution of various special techniques of our choice (thanks to the space left between the rafters) and then move on to the finishing (OSB + plasterboard, etc).

Assembling the system is extremely fast and does not require any drying time.

The dimensions of your door and window openings are known as soon as we receive your building permit. This allows you to order your external joinery in advance. Helpful in avoiding the stoppage of framework construction, those prefabricated items are time-savers.

Gablok concept is made possible through a chain of professions involved in the construction of your new home.

Want to build a home by yourself in Belguim? Gablok concept can allow you to do that !

8 parts and insulated wooden blocks

The following are the main elements required for the self-build of your insulated wooden frame.

The glue used to make OSB panels (class 3 & 4), which in turn are used to make insulating elements, does not contain formaldehyde.

Lisse de départ - Autoconstruction ossature bois


The starter is made up of LVL-Q panels of 264/45. It receives the first laying of insulated blocks.

Bloc de bois isolé - Construire sa maison soi même avec Gablok


This block is designed to match (cap) the starter.

Bloc de bois pour autoconstruction


These blocks are made up of OSB 3 panels that include 264 mm thick EPS insulation with graphite.

Linteau en bois pour autoconstruction


These beams are made up of OSB 3 panels that include 264 mm thick EPS insulation with graphite.

Bloc de bois isolé - Gablok


This block is designed to receive the embossed rail.

Linteau - Autoconstruction ossature bois


This block is ideal for door and small window openings.

Lisse supérieure gaufrée - Construction bois Belgique


Connects the entire belt and accommodates the floor elements.

Elément de plancher - Construction ossature bois Gablok


The floor elements are nested on the embossed top rail.



We offer to design your plans using our construction method. As soon as they are completed, you will receive an assembly diagram showing all the steps to ensure the success of your project.

We provide guidance on the elaboration of your foundation slab and laying of first cellular blocks.

The remainder of the construction process will be up to you : follow your laying plan step by step and the construction of your house shell will be completed in less than a week.

Gablok réalise vos projets d'autoconstruction
Construction en ossature bois -

Our offer includes all materials required for the construction of your shell (except for the roof and the foundation slab).

You will be able to rely on our technical support if you have any question or need help with the assembly of your insulated house shell. Is your project feasible in Gablok?

Request a free quote!

Gablok team commits to answer requests you as soon as possible.

Made in Belgium, the Gablok concept is the result of a lengthy study undertaken with the objective to simplifying and speeding-up the assembly process of your home. While respecting the strictest standards of stability and energy performance, Gablok offers you the following advantages:
Ease of use
Quick assembly
Excellent rating in terms of energy performance
Possibility of self-build
Upgradable system